iStock_000016792133_Small TALLAt Animal House Veterinary Clinic we provide a huge range of reproduction services. For dogs we provide semen collection and evaluation, female evaluation and hormone level testing, ovulation timing, artificial insemination with or without the use of an endoscope (at Animal House only), pregnancy diagnosis by radiographs or ultrasonography and c-sections, to name a few.

We also provide reproduction services for farm animals. For horses we provide ovulation timing, mare pre-breeding evaluations, pregnancy diagnosis by ultrasound or rectal palpation and artificial insemination. For cattle we provide ovulation timing and synchronization, artificial insemination, bull semen evaluation, pregnancy diagnosis by ultrasound or rectal palpation, obstetrics for heifers and cows to help with calving. We also have semen stored on site for use in artificial insemination.

These are just a few of the reproduction services we provide, for a complete list or if you have questions please call us today.